Developer - Ranguba


Please join us to use Groonga using Ruby more usefully. We provided information needed for development.


There are repositories of Rroonga, ActiveGroonga, ActiveGroonga Fabrication, racknga, ChupaText, and Document Search Ranguba in GitHub. Please see below for check-out each repositories by git.

% git clone git://
% git clone git://
ActiveGroonga Fabrication
% git clone git://
% git clone git://
% git clone git://
Document Search Ranguba
% git clone git://

Sample program of Rroonga, ActiveGroonga, ActiveGroonga Fabrication, racknga and ChupaText are also contained each repositories. Please see below for check-out these program.

% git clone git://

How to build

You should use extconf.rb and Makefile to build Rroonga, so don't use Rakefile.

Please run extconf.rb with ruby you want to use Rroonga, and run make command.

% ruby extconf.rb
% make

You can get ext/groonga/ if make command for Rroonga succeeded. If you want to use Groonga without installing it, you may set $LOAD_PATH following before use Groonga by "require" method.

% irb -I lib -I ext/groonga -r groonga


If you find bugs, please show us by mailinglist of Groonga or Redmine. Please also send mail to Groonga mailinglist for asking questions, giving idea, sending patch, and so on.


When someone commit to a repository, you can get mail including difference of this commit from mailinglist for groonga-commit. If you're interested in development of Groonga, please subscribe this mailinglist.


Documents are described in each source code by YARD. Created documents are translated to HTML, and published as Reference Manual.

We want to provide document page in English and Japanese, but now some page is wrote in Japanese only, sorry. Documents in Japanese are included source code directly. We're recruiting those who help us to make how to create reference manual translated in many language by YARD or to create documents in English.

In Redmine, we also provide Wiki containing documents. Wiki focuses of information not to be wrote in reference manual. If you have tips or related information for Ranguba project, please send them to mailinglist or edit wiki after subscribe Redmine.